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Welcome to NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CALCUTTA. Here you will get Course Curriculum for MBA.
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Students go through a package of 24 compulsory and 12 elective credit courses over the span of six academic terms. Besides, they are required to take a compulsory non-credit course Rabindra Studies, on thoughts and ideas of Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore on society, social harmony, environment, science,technology, rural India and modernization of the country. Additionally, during the summer following their first year of studies, they are required to work on a project in the industry for a minimum period of eight weeks. The details are as follows:


i) Principles and Practice of Management
ii) Managerial Economics -1
iii) Management Accounting - 1
iv) Mathematics for Management
v) Organisational Behaviour - 1
vi) Statistics - 1

Term II ( September - December )

i) Managerial Econon-iics - H
ii) Management Accounting - 11
iii) Organisational Behaviour - H
iv) Statistics - H
v) Marketing Management
vi) Introduction to Computing & Information systems

Term III (December - March )

i) Management Information Systems
ii) Operations Management
iii) Marketing Research
iv) Business Laws
v) Financial Management
vi) Business Ethics & Values
vii) Personnel Management & Industrial Relations

Summer ( April – June )
Project in Industry.


Term IV ( July – September )
i) Human Resource Development, and
* Five electives

Term III ( September - December)
i) Strategic Management ii) Business, Environment
* Four electives

Term V (December – March )
i) Managerial Excellence
ii) Management Games and
• Three electives


• Financial Services
• Financial Engineering
• ABC Management
• Working Capital Management
• Security Analysis And Portfolio Management
• Money and Capital Markets
• Corporate Mergers And Acquisitions
• International Finance
• Commercial Banking & Financial Institution.


•Sales & Distribution Management
• Industrial Marketing
• Consumer Behaviour
• Services Marketing
• Advertising
• International Marketing
• Quantitative Analysis in Marketing
• Product Management
• Strategic Marketing


• Business Process Re-engineering
• Data Structures & C++ Programming
• Data Base Management Systems and 4GLS
• IT Systems Administration

* Computer Aided Management
* Software Project Management
* Object Oriented Paradigm in Systems
* File structures, Storage and Retrieval


• Industrial Relations and Grievance Handling
• Labour Laws
• Advanced Manpower Planning
• Training & Development
• Selection and Recruitment
• Wages and Salary Administration & Executive Compensations
• Human Resource Information System
• Performance Appraisal
• Industrial Discipline Management
• IS09000, TQM and SQC

• Rabindra Studies

The First Year Curriculum consists of 19 (nineteen) courses all of which are compulsory. The objective of these courses is to equip the students with fundamental concepts and tools and techniques of analysis that help in managerial decision making.

On successful completion of 1st year course curriculum, each student is assigned a project. This gives the students an opportunity to gain insight into practical issues of managerial decisions. This is done through placement in Summer (May-June) for a minimum period of 8 weeks. The project has an weightage equivalent to that of a course.
In the second year the students are required to take 17 (seventeen) courses in which 5 (five) are compulsory. The students are permitted to choose the remaining courses in various functional areas of management depending on their interest Presently the Institute offers elective courses in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Systems and Personal Management.

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